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Communication, Conflict & Commitment

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Commitment Exercise

Identify with your partner how you will build and strengthen your commitment to one another in marriage.

In addition to the ideas presented in the Strengthening Marital Commitment section, one additional way to do this is by writing a "marriage commitment statement." Most companies and organizations have a mission statement, which is a statement of their purpose, goals, and commitments to customers and employees. A marriage commitment statement can follow a format that is similar to a company's mission statement. You can organize it how you would like and add anything to it that makes it meaningful to you, but it should probably include your purpose as a couple, your marriage goals, and a statement of your commitment to one another and the marriage.

Use this statement a as guide throughout your marriage. Put it in a nice frame and hang it in a place where you and your partner will see it frequently. Periodically read it together and re-evaluate your commitment to one another.

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