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Communication, Conflict & Commitment

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"The first duty of love is to listen."
- Paul Tillich

"Marriage is one long conversation, checkered with disputes."
- Robert Louis Stevenson

"It is not your love that sustains the marriage, but from now on, the marriage that sustains your love."
- Dietrich Bonhoeffer, writing to a young bride & groom from his prison cell in Nazi Germany in 1943

Researchers have found that the top two predictors of happy couples are good communication and conflict management skills. Communication and conflict are closely tied together. Communication is the means by which conflict is created, navigated, and resolved. Although it is true that effective communication and conflict management require some skill, they are more fundamentally a matter of willingness and commitment; of ethical obligation to and interest in your partner. The ethical question comes first: How do I listen to, understand, and work through conflict with someone I care about, compared to someone I do not care about? The skill question comes second: How can I get my ideas, feelings and commitments across and what techniques of listening will I use? As you work through the modules in this section you will be presented with ideas and exercises on how to build your communication and conflict management skills as well as ideas on strengthening marital commitment. However, these ideas will only work if you use them and use them in your partner's best interest.

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