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Family Narrative Grading Sheet

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Thoroughly, Effectively


Sufficiently, Satisfactorily


Adequately, Passably

Not Acceptable

Incompletely, Ineffectively



The paper uses dialogue, action and sensory details to narrate a specific event dealing with the family.  The paper sufficiently makes use of most of the descriptive and narrative writing techniques. Adequately discusses  the family.   The paper does not cover one specific event. Not enough description. Only partially deals with the family. The paper does not make use of descriptive and narrative writing techniques.Narrative is not coherent. Does not deal with the family.  


The answer to the paper’s "So what?" question is clear and integrated throughout the essay. The writer has made a good start, but the paper’s point may be a little fuzzy or the parts may not support the whole. The meaning is forced onto the paper, perhaps tacked onto the end like the moral of a fable. The paper has no apparent meaning, stated or implied, apart from the description or the narration.There is little attempt to make a critical connection.  


The essay follows (or knowingly plays with the structure of) a narrative arc.Smooth transitions and structure support meaning. Structure may be a bit confusing. Parts may be bland or repetitive, but the reader has little trouble following the flow of ideas. The reader struggles to connect ideas.Paragraphs are not well developed or connected. Paper reads like a free-write more than a piece of formal writing.  


A consistent voice that is appropriate for the paper’s meaning and engages the reader.The essay has personality. Paper reads well with developing style and voice. Wordiness, clichés, and/or vagueness sometimes muffle the voice.  Tone is inconsistent. No distinguishable voice or forced, unnatural voice.  

Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling

Advanced traditional grammar and mechanics, except when irregularities (like fragments) are used for special effects. Surface errors are minimal and do not detract from meaning and readability.

Frequent grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation errors clutter the paper’s surface. Some sentences may be awkward.

Surface problems are so frequent they obscure meaning.Many sentences are poorly structured.  

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