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Family Narrative

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Due Date

Week 3 - Fri.


2-3 pages typed, double-spaced

Signed permission agreement and scoring standard attached


The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the writing process. Some important writing skills you should be developing through this assignment include understanding and using the writing process, choosing effective words to convey meaning, and using correct grammar and punctuation.

Assignment Description

Write a own narrative essay about an experience with your family. Write a story about a specific day/event/experience using dialogue, action, and sensory details to create a brief snapshot.

The following may serve as a starting point for your paper:

A clear and distinct memory you have of your family. Often we don't realize the significance of the seemingly random things we remember until we write about them.

A turning point, a key event, or an encounter that reveals some aspect of your family and the different dynamics associated with it.

A meaningful event you experienced that impacted the way you see how the family affects your life.

Your essay will include a specific scene in your life. Do not attempt to write about your entire childhood or your entire high school experience. Instead, select one scene that can act as a tangible anchor for your essay.

Steps for Writing

Identify a story about your family that has specific time constraints and memorable details.

Keep in mind the narrative elements discussed in class (i.e. tension, focus, sensory details, character development, and organization) when you write your story.

This assignment is worth 100 points.

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