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Rereading American Images

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Due Date

Ongoing; Weeks 8-12


  • Five-minute, student-led discussion about an image of your choice
  • Each discussion leader will discuss the questions the image raises in his/her mind and briefly discuss those questions with the class


The purpose of this assignment is to practice your critical thinking skills by looking at photographs and comic strips, forms of media other than written texts. This will help you practice your analytical skills in preparation for your Media Analysis assignment. This discussion will also help you zero in on a topic for your final research paper, Rereading American Culture.

Assignment Description

The media is full of interesting images, including photographs, paintings, and cartoons. Publications, both online and in print, have included these images because of the fascinating stories they tell and questions they raise about American society and culture. For this assignment, you will find an image (a photograph, painting, or cartoon) that catches your attention. What about this image interests you? What does it say about American values and culture? How does the image challenge or question what we think of as "normal" or "accepted"?

Each student will sign up for a time to discuss his/her selected image with the class. (Dates will be provided by the instructor.) The discussion leader will briefly share his/her reactions to the image, then ask the class specific questions about how they respond to the image and what questions about American society the image raises in their minds.

This assignment is worth 50 points.

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