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Media Analysis Grading Sheet

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Criteria Advanced

Thoroughly, Effectively

Sufficiently, Satisfactorily

Adequately, Passably
Not Acceptable

Incompletely, Ineffectively
Analysis The thesis of the analysis is well-stated and engaging. Paper directly analyzes specific components of the media. Thesis is clearly stated. Analysis reviews specific components of the media. Thesis is stated but lacks sophistication. Essay lacks strong analysis. Thesis is vague or embedded. Paper does little to analyze media.
Effectiveness of Content Demonstrates energetic engagement with media source(s). Asks excellent questions. Demonstrates engagement with media source(s). Asks good questions. Demonstrates some engagement with media source(s). Asks non-specific questions. Lacks analysis. Does not actively engage with source(s). Demonstrates little or no curiosity.
Organization Excellent essay organization. Smooth transitions between ideas. Appropriate format. Clear organization with acceptable, transitions that could show improvement. Appropriate format. Organization is unclear. Transitions may be difficult to follow. Adequate format. Little to no organization. Ideas are hard to follow.

Inappropriate format.
Style and Voice Your own academic voice is evident and makes the paper engaging. Paper reads well with a developing individual style and voice. Wordiness, clichés, and/or vagueness sometimes muffle the voice. Tone is inconsistent. Voice and style are inappropriate for essay.
Documenting All sources are included in the Works Cited page and correct in-text documentation is used. Partial effort to cite sources in Works Cited page and in-text. Includes a Works Cited page that lacks academic effort. In-text citations may be missing or inadequate. Does not include a Works Cited page. In-text citations are sloppy or lacking.
Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling Advanced traditional grammar and mechanics, except when irregularities are used for special effects. Surface errors are minimal and do not detract from meaning and readability Surface errors do not alter intended meaning. Some sentences may be awkward. Frequent surface errors detract from the meaning and readability. Essay may not have been proofread.

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