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Week 13

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Description and Objectives

Evaluating evidence can be difficult! Based upon what type of essay you are writing and what strategies you are using begin choosing sources and evaluating them for relevance. We will create a "working bibliography" in an "annotated" format.


Source Credibility

Annotated Bibliography

MLA Format and Documentation


Our Annotated Bibliographies (AB) will be modified. I want you to have 12 sources on your AB representing a broad range of your research (not just your opinion but the opposing opinion as well). This will help you be well rounded on the subject when you begin to write. Your AB should be in alphabetical order by citation and in MLA format. Under each citation should be a brief explanation of usefulness.

  1. Use what you have read to begin collecting sources for your Annotated Bibliography. You will need at least 8 sources for your final paper. Your AB should have at least 12. Make sure when you draft your sources on your AB you include a paragraph under the MLA citation that describes the usefulness of the source to your project and how you expect to use the source.
  2. Read about MLA format.
  3. Begin peer reviews on the ABs. Look for usefulness and proper MLA documentation.
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