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Module 8 - Environmental Acoustics

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Environmental Acoustics  ::   Environmental Noise   ::  Effects of Noise  ::  Control of Noise

Effects of Noise

In the third module you learned about the complex process of hearing. In the web activity you read an article about how loud music can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. In this chapter we will look at ways that noise can cause hearing loss, and mental health problems in people.

To successfully complete this chapter you should...

  • Read chapter 31 in your text book (pages 615-627).
  • Carefully study the important concepts on noise and it's effects on people.
  • Be able to discuss why people loose their hearing.

Important Concepts

Articulation index
Equal energy hypothesis
Equal temporary effects (TTS) hypothesis
Hair cells
Permanent threshold shift (NIPTS)
Rapid eye movement (REM) state
Speech cues
Speech interference level (SIL)
Temporary threshold shifts (TTS)

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