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Module 8 - Environmental Acoustics

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Environmental Acoustics  ::   Environmental Noise   ::  Effects of Noise  ::   Control of Noise

Environmental Acoustics

Stop right where you are and listen. What do you hear? You might hear the fan of your computer, a hum from the monitor, a car pass by, machines across the street, a child, or water running. What kinds of sound to you hear at work. Co-workers, printers, copiers, vehicles, machinery, the effects of wind? All of these things create noise. Machines may make our life easier but they can create a lot of noise. Exposure to constant frequencies of noise can cause hearing loss. It is important to know about the noise around you, how to control it, and how you might take precautions to avoid damage to your own hearing.

In this module you will learn about environmental noise, it's effects on people, how to control it, and instruments that can be used to measure noise.


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