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Module 7 - Electronic Music

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Electronic Music  ::   Electric Organs  ::   Synthesizers  ::   Digital Recording  ::   Digital Computers


Early electronic synthesizers had lot of knobs to turn to create the various sounds, set levels, attack and decay time. Today, synthesizers do things digitally. A user can program them by specifying values or parameters much like programming a computer. There may still be knobs to turn, but synthesizers for the most part are all digital.

To successfully complete this chapter you should...

  • Read chapter 27 in your text book (pages 537-554).
  • Carefully study the important concepts about electronic synthesizers.
  • Be able to describe the components and processes by which synthesizers create complex sounds.

Important Concepts

Envelope follower
FM synthesis
Hybrid synthesis
Joystick controller
Low frequency oscillator

Musique concrete
Operational amplifier
Pink noise
Pitch bend
Ring modulator
Sample-an-hold circuit

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