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Module 6 - Architectural Acoustics

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Architectural Acoustics  ::   Acoustics of Rooms  ::   Electronic Reinforcement  ::   Hi-Fi in Small Rooms

Acoustics of Rooms

As different as people are, so are the characteristics of a room as they relates to sound. Almost everything can have an effect on the way things sound from one room to another. Materials, shapes of walls, angles, all play a part in the acoustics of rooms.

In this chapter you will learn how many things effect the acoustics of rooms.

To successfully complete this chapter you should...

  • Read chapter 23 in your text book (pages 459-477).
  • Carefully study the important concepts about the acoustics of rooms as you read the chapter.
  • Be able to compare absorption of sound by different materials at various frequencies.
  • Be able to calculate reverb time of a room given dimensions for it.
  • Be able to list criteria for good acoustics.

Important Concepts

Propagation of sound
Direct sound
Early sound
Reverberant sound
Absorption of sound
Air absorption
Criteria for good acoustics
Background noise
Variable acoustics

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