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Module 5 - Electroacoustics

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Electroacoustics  ::   Electricity  ::   Filters  ::   Microphones  ::   Recording  ::   High-Fidelity Sound


Now that you know a little more of how the human hearing and speech systems work, you are ready to learn how electrical systems convert acoustical sound to electrical sound or how they convert electrical sound to acoustical sound. A good example of this is a sound system in an auditorium. When you speak into a microphone, it converts your acoustical sound into electrical sound, then that sound is converted from electrical back to acoustical at the loud speaker.

In this module you will explore sound from the perspective of the electrical engineer. You will learn about electricity, amplifiers, electronic circuits, microphones, loudspeakers, and the role each of them play with sound.

You will also learn about electronic recording systems and how they record sound, and last but not least we will look at what components are necessary for building a Hi-Fi stereo system for your home. There is even an exercise where you can design your dream system.

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