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Module 3 - Musical Acoustics

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Acoustics  ::   String  ::   Brass  ::   Woodwind  ::   Percussion  ::   Keyboard


The string family consist of instruments like the violin, viola, Cello, Bass, and Guitar. They create sound by plucking, striking, or by running a bow across the string. The strings themselves make very little sound. The body of the instrument is used to amplify the sound.

To successfully complete this chapter you should...

  • Read chapter 10 in your text book (pages 187 - 215).
  • Carefully study the important concepts .
  • Be able to identify the different instruments of the string family.
  • Be able to compare the acoustics of the violin family.

Important Concepts

The violin
History of
Vibrations of...
Plucked string
Bowed string
Violin body
Tuning the top and back plate
The bridge

Other bowed string instruments
New family of fiddle

The guitar
As a vibrating system
Vibrations of ..
top plate
back plate
air cavity
Resonance of the guitar body
Sound radiation
Electric guitar
Strings, frets, & compensation

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