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Module 2 - Psychoacoustics

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Psychoacoustics  ::   Hearing  ::   Loudness  ::   Pitch  ::   Harmony  ::   Scales


Are you able to listen to the radio, watch the TV and carry on a conversation at the same time?

In this chapter we will look at what happens when two or more sounds reach the ear at the same time.

To successfully complete this chapter you should...

  • Read chapter 8 in your text book (pages 143 - 168).
  • Carefully study the important concepts.
  • Describe the concept of linear superposition for two sine waves.
  • List the effects of combination tones in the auditory system.
  • Describe how we discriminate between two different tones.
  • Define musical terms that arrive from our perception of sound.

Important Concepts

Binaural beats
Second-order beats
Non-linear effects
Combination tones
Aural harmonics
Summation tones
Musical effects
Musical staff
Musical intervals consonance & dissonance
Pure tones
Complex tones
Central nervous system
Cross- correlation
Cerebral dominance


Beats ( SWF )

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