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Differential Entropy

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Differential entropy

A continuous random variable (for the purpose of this class) is one in which the distribution function F ( x ) is continuous: there are no jumps (discrete outputs).

The {\bf differential entropy} $h(X)$\ of a continuous rando...
...displaymath}h(X) = -\int_{S} f(x)\log f(x) dx.

Let $X \sim \Uc(0,a)$. (Uniform). Then
\begin{displaymath}h(X) ...
...em differential} entropy, since entropy
should always be positive.

Normal: $X \sim \frac{1}{\sigma\sqrt{2\pi}}e^{-x^2/2\sigma^2} =...
...1}{2} \ln \pi e \sigma^2\text{ nats}

Having defined the differential entropy, we can now go through and define all the sorts of things we did before.

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