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Matlab Tutorial

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Introduction ::  Background


This document provides an introduction and some exercises to familiarize you with Matlab . Matlab is widely available and priced so as to be accessible to students. Matlab provides excellent numeric capabilities and has recently incorporated access to symbolic capabilities as well. It is also a full-blown computer language which, while it is somewhat slow because it is interpreted, provides substantial capabilities and has become a standard tool for algorithm development in signal processing, controls, and many other areas of engineering.

You are encouraged to peruse the book The Student Edition of Matlab , which comes with the student edition of Matlab . It is also available at the Bookstore. A single copy of it is also on reserve at the library.

The most important thing is to play around with the tool to learn how it works. Ask questions of the computer and your fellow students. While directions have been given on some of this, is is impossible to give you all the information you need. You will benefit from learning how to use this -- take some time to become familiar with it. (And, by the way, exercise some independence on this -- the author will not babysit you through your learning curve.)

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