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Assignment No. Assignment
1 From the class notes (PDF), solve problem [1] in page 9.
2 From the class notes (PDF), find Probability Definitions - pages 7 - 9, and solve problems [1] through [6]
3 From the class notes (PDF), find Conditional Probability - pages 20 - 22, and solve problems [5], [6], [9], [10], [11], [12]. Try, but do not submit, problem [14] which requires using the Maple software.
4 Learning Maple 10 - See assignment details
TEST 1 Download Test 1 here (PDF)
You can solve this problem by hand or using Maple. If you use Maple, make sure to reduce the size of the graphics to about 2-inch wide and 1.5-inch high, and print out the results in paper to turn the assignment in.
5 Download problem statements (PDF)
Solve problems DD1, DD3, DD5, DD7, DD9, and DD11.
6 Download problem statements (PDF)
Solve all five problems in the assignment
7 Download problem statements (PDF)
Solve problems [CD1] through [CD4]
TEST 2 Download Test 2 (ZIP)
Solve all problems in the set
8 Download Maple worksheet and data file (ZIP)
Solve assignment in the Maple worksheet
Copyright 2008, by the Contributing Authors. Cite/attribute Resource . admin. (2006, April 13). Assignments. Retrieved January 07, 2011, from Free Online Course Materials — USU OpenCourseWare Web site: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License Creative Commons License