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Assignment 4

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Interpolation, data fitting, analytical and numerical ordinary differential equation solutions

Reading assignment and Matlab exercises - Read the following documents:

On Elementary numerical methods - [Read these documents and try these exercises on your own]

  1. Chapter 5 (Polynomials and interpolation) in the Using Matlab guide - Scripts
  2. Chapter 6 (Data Analysis and Statistics - pages 6-15 through 6-28) in the Using Matlab guide - Scripts
  3. Chapter 8 (Ordinary Differential Equations) in the Using Matlab guide - Scripts
  4. Additional examples of ODEs - Scripts
  5. Script for symbolic functions in Matlab - specifically, check the application of function dsolve for analytical solution of ODEs
  6. Water quality in a lake - (based on Chapter 2 in Vreugdenhil, C.B., 1989, Computational Hydraulics - An Introduction, Springer-Verlag, Berlin)

Additional reading materials - optional reading

  1. Moler's book Ch. 5 - Data Fitting
  2. Moler's book Ch. 7 - Ordinary Differential Equations

Problems to solve

Click here to download a pdf document with the problems to solve

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