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Assignment 1

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Introduction to Matlab and programming

Reading assignment and Matlab exercises

The following links allow you do download pdf documents related to the use of Matlab. Also listed below are links for the Matlab scripts that contain exercises shown in the pdf documents. Read the pdf documents and run the corresponding scripts in your own Matlab installation or in the computer laboratories. Try the exercises proposed in some of the documents. It is not necessary to submit any printout or computer file from this assignment. The main purpose of these exercises is to get you started with Matlab.

  1. Introduction to Matlab
  2. Matlab programming, Input/Output and Strings - Scripts for document 2
  3. Elementary Matlab graphics - Scripts for documents 3 and 4
  4. Matlab for Scilab users
  5. Elementary mathematical functions with Matlab - Scripts for documents 5 and 6
  6. Using logical vectors in Matlab

Problems to solve

No problems have been assigned. Try the exercises shown in the documents listed above, or run them from the available scripts.

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