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Professor Urroz

Professor Urroz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Utah State University

Image courtesy of Marlo Bailey

About Professor Urroz

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Gilberto Urroz is an Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and a researcher with the Utah Water Research Laboratory. His areas of interest include computational hydraulics, computer applications in civil engineering, hydraulic system modeling – both numerical and physical, numerical modeling of groundwater flow and contaminant transport, flood plain hydraulics, hydraulic structures, mountain streams, civil engineering fluid mechanics, and erosion control. His research sponsors include the Utah Department of Transportation, the United States Geological Survey, the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and a number of private hydraulic and erosion control companies. He has served in the Standards Committee for the International Association of Hydraulic Research, and in two technical committees of the Hydraulic Division, American Society of Civil Engineers.

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