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Lecture 28

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  • Students had 50 minutes to complete the test
  • The test was open book and notes
  • This TABLE OF DIMENSIONS AND UNITS (pdf file) was available for the exam
  • Students were allowed to have the following during the test:
    • Textbook
    • Class notes
    • Pens and/or pencils, erasers, rulers
    • A calculator


  • The test will include problems addressing the following subjects:
    • Similitude (Reynolds, Froude, Weber numbers -- ratios of quantities)
    • Dimensional analysis (Π terms)
    • Friction losses in pipes
      • Use of the Moody diagram
      • Haaland's equation
      • Swamee-Jain equation
    • Minor losses in pipes
      • Entrance, discharge, contraction, expansion
      • Pipe fittings: elbows, valves, etc.
    • Pumps in pipelines

How to prepare for the test

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