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Surface Irrigation Theory and Practice, by W.R. Walker and G.V. Skogerboe, Prentice-Hall. 1987.


Guidelines for Designing and Evaluation Surface Irrigation Systems, by W.R. Walker, FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper 45, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 1990.

Course Outcomes

  1. Working knowledge of the pros and cons of different types of surface irrigation systems.
  2. Working knowledge of the use of advanced surface irrigation hydraulic modeling software.
  3. Demonstrated ability to design and evaluate surface irrigation systems.
  4. Demonstrated ability to integrate surface irrigation designs into the operational requirements of irrigation projects.


  • Types of Surface Irrigation Systems
  • Design of Surface Irrigation Systems
  • Surface Irrigation Phases
  • Evaluation of Surface Irrigation System Performance Soil Infiltration Functions
  • Surface Irrigation Hydraulics
  • Surface Irrigation System Automation
  • Application of Computer Software for Surface Irrigation Design & Evaluation
  • Land-Grading and Land-Leveling Principles and Practices

Class Schedule:

Three 50-minute classes per week, M-W-F.
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