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Course Description

This course presents a theoretical analysis of religion as a cultural phenomenon. It explores the functional relationships between religion, culture, society, and the individual.

Text Book

Crapo, Richley H. 2002, Anthropology of Religion. McGraw-Hill.
ISBN: 0072387238

Video Lectures

Each topic area includes one or more video lectures presented by Prof. Crapo. Through the video lectures, Prof. Crapo shares anecdotes and examples that will enrich your understanding of religious beliefs and practices. In addition to viewing the video lectures, you may also access a PDF version of Prof. Crapo's lecture notes in outline form.


Each topic area includes a 10-question quiz. The questions are designed to test your knowledge of the information contained in the reading assignment.


Each chapter contains photographs depicting visual examples of topics discussed.

Other Resources

Each topic area includes a list of additional resources you may find useful in enhancing your understanding of the anthropology of religion.

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